Salt Circle Metals
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Pieces inspired by Victorian Spiritualism.
With writing by Dani Tauber.


Salt Circle:

My aim is to create self-contained universes - allowing the jewelry to act as talismans within a larger mythology and connecting the wearer to this narrative.

The antiques, oddities, and photographs I include with my collections expand on the Salt Circle universe contextualizing the jewelry I create. The objects belong to the worlds my collaborators and I build; ephemera from the stories we tell.


Salt Circle pieces are carved in Portland, OR by Daylynn Lambi.
All pieces are cast locally, using recycled metals.


Where the separation between realms is dissonant. An assortment of jewelry and objects within the Salt Circle universe that don't necessarily belong to a particular project.




Mystical Jewelers of the Pacific Northwest
Dirge Magazine

Salt Circle Spins a Spooky, Intense, Literature-Infused World
Portland Monthly Magazine


Pieces inspired by ghosts, empty spaces, bees, phantom limbs, loss, brain function, desire, and the underworld.
With writing by Naomi Washer.

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